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    Established in 1905, Tamura-ya Ryokan continued business through the Taisho and Showa periods until it closed in 2008.

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    A drawing of the finalized kominka

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    Higashiyama Kaii gave me the words, “A town without old buildings is the same as a person without memories.”
    If something is old, it is not worthless.

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    Matsudai Karl Bengs House in summer and winter

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    Renovating the first floor of Matsudai Karl Bengs House

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    Tearing down an old house is like throwing away a gem and picking up a pebble.-Karl Bengs

— Architect’s Office —


Kominka Cafe SHIBUI

We are closing the cafe until May 31st. The architectural design office is open from Monday through Saturday. To visit our office, please make an appointment in advance. tel 025 594 7882

Open House in Joetsu City

Karl Bengs design house is completed for sale in Kakizaki Ward, Joetsu City in Niigata. 200 meters before Shimomaki Base 993 (Shimomaki 694, Kakizaki Ward)

Short Movie about Mr and Mrs Bengs

As the awardees of Hometown Development Grand Prize, Cristina and Karl Bengs  and their community activities were filmed. About 15 minutes short movie introduces their ‘hometown’ Taketokoro and Matsudai.

Karl Bengs Kominka Fan Club

Karl Bengs Kominka Fan Club was established to build network and friendship with supporters and fans. We aim to fulfill Karl Bengs’ dream to protect Japanese craftsman techniques through reviving Japanese traditional buildings.

Reviving Old Houses: His Method

When Karl Bengs revives private houses, he preserves the frame of buildings which are over 100 years old. The remaining processes are consistent to creating a new house. He aspires to display valuable, cultural assets such as the keyaki beams and posts while providing comfortable living spaces for future generations.

Also, by utilizing German furniture, fabric and lighting, and reusing materials for tabletops and counters, Bengs integrates his unique design style as he personally works with each customer.

In order to bring out the best of the house’s history and create a relaxing space, he incorporates German-made windows, kitchens, stoves, and natural slates that prioritize functionality.

At KARL BENGS AND ASSOCIATES, we strive to retain the aura of the traditional Japanese lifestyle in a home which is made to last over the generations.