International Symposium “Globalization and Local Community”

International Symposium “Globalization and Local Community”

Karl Bengs is talking about KOMINKA revival in Tokyo.

International Symposium

“Globalization and Local Community” Placed-Based Education for the Sustainable Future


Date and Venues;

Saturday, 21 January 2017, Room 8101, Ikebukuro Campus, Rikkyo University

Sunday, 22 January 2017, International Conference Centre, Waseda University


This symposium offers an arena to discuss the topics from learning to democracy– how do we see the relationship between the expansion of globalism and the local community where people have lives, and how can we truly recognize essence from abundant information due to the digital society under which people sometimes feel as if we know everything, and how do we build up local community and society under these circumstances.


We have three keynote speakers; a political scientist from New Zealand whose research falls in children, environment and democracy under this changing world; a German architect who is working for re-birthing Japanese traditional wooden housings; and a Japanese photographer who has done many journeys including world conflicts areas.

Other participants involved in various fields are expected to attend, including “Forest Kindergarten” (a kindergarten raising children in nature), self-sufficiency life with small-scale agriculture, revitalization of the community, etc. We are looking forward to welcoming you to this event.


Special guests;

Prof. HAYWARD Bronwyn, political scientist, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Mr. BENGS Karl, architectural designer, Germany (currently living in Japan)

Mr. MOMOI Kazuma, photographer, nonfiction writer, Japan


Committee members;

Prof. ABE Osamu, Rikkyo University

Prof. ANDO Toshihiko, Saitama University

Dr. ITAGAKI Jumpei, Kobe University

Dr. KIMATA Mikio, Fellow, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Dr. SASAKI Toyoshi, Kurikoma Kogen Narture School

Mr. SAKUMA Norio, Nature Conservation Society for Dewa Mountines

Dr. TOYODA Mitsuyo, Niigata University

Mr. YOKOYAMA Ryuichi, Nature Conservation Society Japan

Prof. TAKANO Takako, Waseda University, Executive Director, Ecoplus


Supported by Japan Fund for Global Environment



Research Center for Education for Sustainable Development, Rikkyo University.

Center for International Education, Waseda University



Ecoplus, a registered NPO in Japan