Karl Bengs Kominka Fan Club

Mission Statement

Karl Bengs Kominka Fan Club was established to build network and friendship with supporters and fans. We aim to fulfill Karl Bengs’ dream to protect Japanese craftsman techniques through reviving Japanese traditional buildings.

Fan Club Activity

1.      Parties, seminars, and kominka tours for fan club members
2.      Newsletters/ Email news for members
3.      Priority reservation for kominka guest house in Taketokoro and Kominka Restaurant in Matsudai.

Annual Membership Fee

Individual member 10,000 yen
Family member plus 5,000 yen (family members living in the same address as the member)
Student 1,000 yen
Corporation/ Organization 10,000 yen (Minimum of 10,000 yen.  Please make payments in denominations of 10,000 yen i.e., 20,000, 30,000, etc…

The membership is valid for one year from April until the end of following March. Membership after October is a half-year membership fee (half price).
No registration fee required.

Please make the payment to the following bank account:

Daishi Bank Matsudai Branch
Normal Account 5000517
Karl Bengs Kominka Fan Club
Please email or FAX your name, type of membership, address, telephone number, and email address (if you wish to receive email news from us).

Karl Bengs Kominka Fan Club Office
c/o Karl Bengs & Associates
Matsudai 2074-1, Tokamachi,
Niigata 942-1526
Telephone 025-594-7882