Takedokoro Project 竹所プロジェクト

Takedokoro Project, TAKATOKO Dream Plan & Taketokoro Dream Plan

Takedokoro Project

As a resident of the Takedokoro village, Bengs has handled various projects to liven up the area.
TAKATOKO rice making
HOCHBEET (raised urban gardening)
Events at Yellow House
Project to Increase Mizubasho(arum lilies)


This is part of a subsidized project called “Design for Regional Revival.” This project aims to create social spaces and carry out landscape maintenance in the village. In order to bring out the characteristics of Takedokoro, Bengs heads the project team as their main adviser.
Revival Project of Bon-Odori Plaza
Maintenance of Takedokoro Drinking Fountain Chiku-Sui

Taketokoro Dream Plan

Revival Project of Cattle Shed

The footsteps of Takedokoro Project, TAKATOKO Dream Plan, and Taketokoro Dream Plan

1994 – Karl Bengs emigrates from Germany; builds So-Kaku-An (Bengs Residence)
2001 – Builds Yellow House and the office for Karl Bengs & Associates
2003 – Builds Bricks House
2004 – Builds Bengala House
2005 – Hosts a concert event TAKATOKO NIGHT ’05
2007 – Hosts a concert event TAKATOKO NIGHT ’07
2008 – Builds Sakura House; sets up Hochbeet
2009 – Begins Project to Increase Mizubasho
2010 – Creates a drinking fountain for Takedokoro’s spring water Chiku-Sui; completes the stage for Bon-Odori Plaza

2016 – Revival Project of Cattle Shed