Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cost for reviving a kominka?

A. It depends greatly on the size and type of the building, as well as the customer’s design requests. If you are interested in reviving an old house, please use our inquiry form to get a quote for your plan.

Q. I am currently in possession of an old house in Japan. Will you be able to purchase it from me?

A. We do not make purchase homes from individual owners.

Q. Can I visit and view the Bengs residence or his other works in Takedokoro?

A. As most of the buildings are private residences, you may view them from the outside, but the inside is not available for viewing.

However, some of Beng’s reviving kominka are open for public, as café and guesthouse.

  • Cafe -Shibui- (Matsudai 2074-1, Tokamachi City)
  • Kominka Guest House (Matsudai 3345, Tokamachi City)

Please refer to our link page for more. Please take the opportunity to view the inside, while using the facility. Please note that the viewing is usually limited to the customers.

Q. Would Karl Bengs give a presentation/ seminar for our group?

A. Thank you for your interests in reviving kominka of Karl Bengs. He is happy to share his philosophy and experience with you. The average fee is 150,000 yen plus transportation. It is also possible to give a presentation and a tour at Matsudai Karl Bengs House with lunch/dinner.